Swim Meets Participation

What you need to know

Swim Meets are a great way to encourage positive, competitive learning experience for all swimmers. We recommend swimmers to go to as many swim meets possible to help speed up their improvement.  It is mandatory that all swimmers participate in our meet competitions. Everyone is eligible to attend these meets that are “C” standards. All Novice, Intermediate and Advanced swimmers are expected to participate. Everyone who’s never participated is ready to compete. These competitions are catered to your swimmer’s levels and governed by time standards that is available for download from our team web site along with all the scheduled meets this Fall season. Please submit events and payments (payable to PQAC) by the meet due dates and hand them to me on deck or via email. No late entries will be accepted. All swimmers must wear the appropriate and regulation suit for swim meets. Our team suit is solid black (girls-one piece & boys-jammers) and all swimmers must wear a team cap ($15).

Swim Meets are all the same as as far as structure, protocols, rules & regulations.

Structure:  Warm Ups --> The Races Begin --> Relay Races --> Clean Up --> Ribbons.

Protocols:  Whistles & Start Protocols will be explained at the beginning of the first event.

Rules & Regulations: All Rules & Regulations are in the USA Swimming Handbook.


Apply for a USS Membership Card. Your form & payment will be forwarded to the USA Swimming Headquarters. New members must complete their registration by showing a birth certificate or passport by visiting the USS Office located at:

San Diego-Imperial LCS
USA Swimming, Inc.
3511 Camino Del Rio South
Suite 405
San Diego, CA 92108
P: (619) 275-1292
F: (619) 546-5271